Is it possible to lay the carpet on the warm floor

The use of flooring on a heated floor depends on:

  1. type of warm floor;
  2. carpet thickness;
  3. features of the operation of the system.

If the warm floor is the main source of heating, then the heat from under the carpet will not come to the surface, 100% of the effect from the system will not be.

The use of a heated floor, as an additional heating system, allows covering it with a carpet. Note! Laying the carpet can not on all types of warm floors.

Types of warm floors

Water floor heating

Thin carpets and mats are suitable for flooring on the water floor. They have lower thermal insulation qualities, the heating effect will remain.

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When choosing a coating, pay attention to its quality. The water floor heats up gradually, and low-quality products begin to deform due to temperature fluctuations.

Electric floor heating

Heating elements of the cable floor under the carpet will overheat and burn out due to the thermal insulation properties of the coating. The carpet in the overheated area will burn out.

You can not lay thick carpets with high pile on the heated area of ​​the cable floor. In addition, the rapid heating of the elements reduces the quality of the coating. Use small decorative carpets near the sofa or chairs to give comfort and leave most of the floor free.

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Innovative infrared films and carbon core mats have self-regulating heating systems. If the heat transfer rate decreases in a certain area, the system automatically reduces heating. They can lay insulating materials and put the furniture on low legs. The surfaces are heated uniformly, which eliminates the deformation of the coating.

Mobile warm floor

Mobile options are installed under the carpet, so that you can walk comfortably and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the room. Portable models of various sizes can be installed in the home and office.

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