How to lay a carpet in the bedroom

Pick up the carpet in the bedroom, taking into account the size, shape and style of the room, to highlight the area to sleep from the general space and complement the interior color and texture.

The location of the carpet in the bedroom

For classic interiors, the traditional layout is recommended. Choose large carpets to fully place the bed and leave 0.4-0.6 m of cover free on each side of the bed, except for the headboard.

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In a modern interior of a bedroom it is possible to lay a carpet in several ways:

  1. Expand the cover across the bed and lay it closer to the footboard.
  2. If the bedroom is spacious, lay the carpet on the free space in front of the bed so that it does not look empty. You can supplement this scheme with two bedside products on the sides.
  3. To give the room originality, lay the carpet asymmetrically. Shift it from the center of the bed or expand it diagonally.

How to lay a carpet in the bedroom: design tips

  • In a room with plain light walls, choose bright carpets of rich colors.
  • If the cover will be located under the bed, do not purchase models with a large pattern, since the entire effect will be lost.
  • If you use several products for decoration, make sure that they are in harmony with each other in color, style and texture. Select models from one collection.
  • In the bedroom with a round bed, choose round carpets.
  • Pick up the floor to match the curtains and bedspread, or, conversely, contrast to make the interior extraordinary.
  • For bedrooms in modern style, choose a single-colored model with a multi-level or long pile. Embossed carpets look good in large rooms, and asymmetrical in small ones.

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