How to clean natural carpets?

Las alfombras uzbekas y de otros tipos sobre la base de una pila de origen natural para limpiar con una gran cantidad de agua no son tan imposibles, sino simplemente contraindicadas.

As the repeated and unsuccessful practice of using wet cleaning of such carpets shows, water has a negative effect on the condition of the pile and coloring pigments. In view of the fact that such carpets cannot be left without cleaning, as over time they no less accumulate dirt and dust, experts of cleaning companies, together with organizations involved in the production of technical cleaning tools, developed methods and auxiliary means that allow for dry cleaning. , that is to eliminate pollution and at the same time not to spoil a carpet. Under the dry cleaning of carpets should not literally understand that it is made without water at all. Water is needed in this case, as well as a special detergent, but in minimal amounts. Dry cleaning of carpets is practiced by professional cleaning companies, and the availability of tools and equipment for its carrying out will make it possible for ordinary people in their home or apartment to do this.

Dry cleaning of carpets is often done using applicators and sponges made from materials of organic origin that are similar in texture to the pile of carpets. Such a sponge is moistened, then a small amount of dry cleaning agent is applied to it (at home, soda or a foam-based cleaner bought in a store is suitable). Do not forget that before dry cleaning it is necessary to test the cleaning solution for the resistance of the carpet to it. Professional cleaners recommend doing this somewhere in the corner of the carpet or near the edge.

  With the help of a sponge moistened with detergent, the composition is applied to the contaminated area of ​​a natural pile carpet product. Next, the stain is processed using a brush, which is literally rubbed into the tool deep into the pile, which often contains germs and harmful organisms. After a few minutes, if the detergent composition and its concentration were chosen correctly, the chemical should dissolve the dirt. All this consistency is best removed by a vacuum method, that is, with a vacuum cleaner.

   As a result of this cleaning, the carpet does not actually need to be dried, which means that its pile remains intact. This safe method of cleaning carpets can be successfully applied to the care and for floor coverings made of synthetic materials.

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