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URGAZ Carpet, founded in 2002, works to develop a promising business in Uzbekistan. One of the leading manufacturers is an excellent example of modern production. European technology was taken as a standard here, the main advantage of which is quality. The plant is equipped with the latest technology. The company has its own design studio, in the arsenal of which there is a rich variety of carpet ornaments.

The enterprise is equipped with modern European carpet-weaving equipment by MicheleVandeWielle (Belgium), Schonher (Germany). In addition, there is a high-performance production line for the production of polypropylene yarn BCF, Heat-Set and Frize from Neumag (Germany) and torsion and calibration machines from Volkmann (Germany) and continuous heat-setting equipment BCF from Superba (France) and a machine for production basics of carpet SSM (Switzerland).

The production capacity of the URGAZ Karpet enterprise makes it possible to produce about 6 million square meters of carpet products and more than 8 thousand tons of polypropylene yarn per year. Over the years, the company has launched production of high-quality products that meet all industry standards, namely, ISO 9001. Every year, the company participates in the largest international exhibition of carpets and flooring DOMOTEX. URGAZ Carpet products are currently in high demand in the domestic market and exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and China.

Currently, the company produces about 40 qualities of a variety of carpet products made of polypropylene, acrylic and polyester up to 5 meters wide. The company is constantly looking for new opportunities to expand production capacities and improve its products.

In accordance with the investment program, the enterprises began operating the production of tufted floor coverings <and artificial turf, produced on the equipment of world famous companies Cobble and Sellers (England).

A clear organization of the technological process, the use of the most advanced imported equipment in combination with highly qualified employees is the foundation on which the successful work of the enterprise team is based.

Due to the technological capabilities of the equipment installed at the enterprise, we are able to satisfy any requirements of customers, from a variety of patterns and colors, ending with the density and height of the pile carpet.