How to clean natural carpets?

Las alfombras uzbekas y de otros tipos sobre la base de una pila de origen natural para limpiar con una gran cantidad de agua no son tan imposibles, sino simplemente contraindicadas. As the repeated and unsuccessful practice of using wet cleaning of such carpets shows, water has a negative effect on the condition of the […]

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How to lay a carpet in the bedroom

Pick up the carpet in the bedroom, taking into account the size, shape and style of the room, to highlight the area to sleep from the general space and complement the interior color and texture. The location of the carpet in the bedroom For classic interiors, the traditional layout is recommended. Choose large carpets to […]

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Is it possible to lay the carpet on the warm floor

The use of flooring on a heated floor depends on: type of warm floor; carpet thickness; features of the operation of the system. If the warm floor is the main source of heating, then the heat from under the carpet will not come to the surface, 100% of the effect from the system will not […]

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